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About Us

The first-ever application on smart phones from northeast India-www.northeastnews.in, will not only serve to bridge the information gap about northeast but also help the people of northeast by providing them a portal which will give credible news about the region where ever they may be.

India's northeast region has been considered a backyard in every field- be it economic development, lack of infrastructure or availability of information about the region.

With Information technology spreading its wings all over the world, the northeast region has also become part of what is called the IT World.

Ours is an effort at harnessing the potential of information technology to keep you updated about events in the region. This will also help the governments and other advertisers to reach places and people at the earliest where other media has not reached so far or takes long time in reaching besides reaching out to a huge section of the population who today depends on their mobiles for all their information.