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From Who is Badruddin to a party of illegal migrants the AIUDF and its president Badruddin Ajmal has been called everything by almost every party and politician be it Assam Chief Minister or the BJP leadership so much so that former Chief Minister and senior AGP leader Prafulla Kumar Mahanta was castigated by his party men for his proximity to Ajmal.
With no party heading for a clear majority in the forthcoming Assembly polls in Assam the importance of AIUDF which is the second largest party in the present assembly has become evident to all but none of them has the courage to admit it openly with the fear of losing the indigenous votes.
Even in the Rajya Sabha election to the two seats due on 21st March all parties are now looking for support of AIUDF behind the closed doors the Congress for the success of its two candidates former Assam Minister Ripun Borah and former Union Minister Ranee Narah while the BJP leadership which is indirectly backing an independent candidate local businessman Mahabir Prasad Jain is already in touch with AIUDF leadership to ensure their support so that Jain can win but if the AIUDF sticks to its stand of not taking part in Rajya Sabha polls it means sure victory for two congress candidates.
While congress more so the Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi is saying that AIUDF is in league with former congressman now senior BJP leader Hemanta Biswa Sarma the BJP leadership is saying the AIUDF is a partner of Congress and they are fielding candidates in Assembly in upper Assam to get a bite of indigenous Muslim voters of BJP which they say will only help congress.
One thing has become very clear that Ajmal is today in a position where his party will play a major role in the coming Assembly polls too.
Going by the past record of BJP which did not hesitate to have a post poll alliance with PDP in J and K to come to power their one should not be surprised if any of the parties after May 19 results reaches out to them to form the government.
The BJP which had given a slogan of MISSION 84 for coming to power in Assam on its own and writing off the AGP as a "spent force" has gone for pre poll alliance with BPF and AGP with a hope that as they are not in a position to come out as a single largest party after polls they are at least single largest pre poll group for the Governor to invite them to form the government.
The Congress leaders in Delhi are also not averse to taking help from AIUDF to form the government but are reluctant to form a pre poll alliance for which they might have to pay after May 19th though the Chief Minister claims that they will be the single largest party even after the BJP, BPF and AGP alliance..
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