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Every government irrespective of political affiliations talks of removing poverty and ensuring education for all even the Parliament also passes them but who is there to implement these bills on the ground and what is the accountability of various governments and societies to ensure that such Bills are implemented also and left in glossy pamphlets printed every year to claim the credit for all these "Welfare activities?"
Here is a copy from what one of the media houses wrote the day Parliament adopted Right to Education Bill:
"It has taken six-and-half years, two governments, and half-a-dozen drafts to put in place enabling legislation making the right to education a fundamental right in India
The Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament, has adopted the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill 2009, approving it by voice vote on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. The upper house, the Rajya Sabha, passed the Bill on July 20. Once the President gives the Bill her assent, education will become a fundamental right for every Indian child.
Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal called the move “a national enterprise that will help shape India’s future,” explaining that “this Bill is about the child’s right to have free education and the State’s obligation to provide compulsory education. This is a historic opportunity as there was never such a law in the last 62 years since Independence. We, as a nation, cannot afford our children not going to school”.
Four years and the so called Historic movement for this child is still missing while the politicians did manage lime light in TV debates and news paper clippings.
Can Mr. Kapil Sibbal tell me who is responsible for this child not going to school and so much so that this child has to look for his childhood toys also from the garbage he collects to feed his family as a rag picker?
I was forced to stop at the Railway crossing today next to this garbage dump in Gandhi Basti area of Guwahati and what I saw shocked me beyond my imagination. The child, a rag picker first of all is not going to the school which he should under the Right To Education Act but the state government is blind to all such children and doesn't bother about children of lesser Gods but more than that is the fact that he has to depend on the garbage for finding toys to enjoy his childhood too.
The child picks up the teddy from the garbage and keeps it separately from the garbage as seen in these pictures as a special find for the day to play after the job is done.
Where are the NGO's and conscious keepers of the society who every day hold press conferences organise dharnas before zooming cameras and find place on the front pages of print media and hog headlines of visual media too?
Can the education minister, social welfare minister, host of welfare organisations and Boards of government state and Union Government tell me what are they doing to ensure the promised "historic opportunity as there was never such a law in the last 62 years since Independence"?.