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1:17:45 am 14-July-2017
Guwahati, 13th July (northeastnews): Assam Power Minister Pallab Lochan Das today said the state power department will change at least 50% of the conductors by "re-conducting around 1200 out of a network of 2500 kms of power lines in the city" thus changing the network in all the vulnerable areas, after over 20 electrocution deaths were reported in the state this year.

Pallab Lochan Das talking to the media informed that a major decision has been taken today where all those connections having more than 2 KV load will be made to have Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) mandatory in every house that has a electricity connection above 2 KW which will ensure tripping of the connection in case of leakge.

"This year 21 people have died so far due to electrocution in Assam. We have taken certain decisions to improve the safety related to electricity across the state. We have decided to go for an electric auditing in Guwahati so that electrocution can be avoided," he said.

The Power Minister said in vulnerable areas they have already installed 40,000 line spacers in the city ensuring that electric wires do not fall from the poles.

The Power Minister said the Central government has already given Rs 149 crores for re-conducting of 1200 Kms of power lines network in the city in the next 3 months balance 1300 will also be immediately taken up after that but these 1200 kms will cover all the vulnerable areas specially where flooding and landslides are frequent.

Das said it is unfortunate that previous governments did not take any preventive measures and today we have conductors in the city which are from the 80s but now they have drawn up detailed plan which will end all such fatalities.

Das said with a view to educate people on how to deal with electric emergencies etc they are already holding talks with education department to include a chapter on this in school books at senior level, which will not only help children but also their parents.
Das said with a view to achieve faster response to handle emergencies related to power in the city they are starting 9 mobile vans placed at different location and fully equipped with latest gadgets to deal with electrical emergencies besides starting a round the clock 24X7 phone service manned by qualified people at 8876100100.

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